What is it like working for EACH?

We wanted to know what our staff think of us, so we asked! Read Phillippa's story here...

You might be wondering what it's like to work for EACH.  We wanted to know too, so we asked one of our former staff members to tell us about her experience with EACH and what she learnt on the job.

Phillippa worked for EACH as an Education, Training and Employment (ETE) Coach with Project STRIDE.  Earlier this year she left EACH to return to her native Yorkshire. When she came back to visit us in London, we asked her to share her thoughts and experiences.   


What did you learn during your time at EACH?

Whilst working for EACH I gained the confidence in myself to know I knew more than I gave myself credit for. EACH also allowed me to gain the focus that I had been lacking and moved me closer toward my goal of becoming a Counsellor.

During my time at EACH I was able to practice my counselling skills and worked with counsellors around me that could support me in my endeavour to becoming a counsellor which made my learning and working journey all the more enjoyable. The support I received especially from my colleagues and the Operations Manager was absolutely immense which allowed me to move forward and really cement my own working style.

I realised how well I could manage group settings and also how to set up the groups I ran. I enjoyed working with a wide range of clients, which helped build up my experience and give me more of a sound knowledge base for when I move forward.

I realised how well I could manage larger case loads and also how to balance out the number when I felt myself reach my limits, which EACH were always supportive of. EACH was quite an emotional roller coaster as I had a lot of learning to do but I feel EACH helped me to become more professional, efficient and also feeling a lot more confident in my abilities and knowledge overall about the work I do and the work I want to get into.

EACH was more like a family than just a work place, it was reassuring and always a nice place to be able to work in and flourish.


What are you doing now?

I have relocated back to Yorkshire and secured a job very similar to the one I left in EACH. I have also continued to pursue my dream of becoming a counsellor and have been accepted onto my Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling.

I am now in a role which has different challenges but thanks to EACH I have the confidence in my own ability to know what I want to do and how to get there.


People like Phillippa are what makes our organisation special. We strive to support our staff to the same high standards that offer our service users. We want people to come, to grow and to flourish.

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