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Life Therapies

Everyone faces challenges in their lives at some point or another; sometimes, this can be due to life events like a bereavement, change or loss of job, a traumatic incident or simply due to an accumulation of situations or problems that have occurred. Such challenges can have an impact on how we look at ourselves, such as negative thoughts, how we cope, such as by drinking and over-eating, and the way we live our lives, such as by withdrawing from friends and families. 


About Life Therapies

At Life Therapies, we help people to address and cope with a range of issues and feelings, such as an addiction, feeling low and unable to cope. Counselling and therapy can help us come to terms with the past; understand our feelings and reactions better; be better able to cope; overcome relationship problems; and help us find our own way into the future. 

We offer specialist counselling and CBT delivered by therapists who work across cultures and languages, and have skills to understand your issues and help you to achieve a more balanced, healthier life. Our therapists receive clinical supervision in-house and are required to work within our ethical framework. 

We offer both individual sessions and group work; the latter can be part of a structured programme or as one off psycho-education workshop. When you have your first session (which is the assessment consultation), a therapy plan will be worked out with you which may include both individual and group sessions depending on your needs and preferences.

Therapy can be short-term (6 weeks) or long-term, and we can offer monthly check-ins after your therapy has finished.


Who do we see?

We are able to see adults aged 18 and over. We can offer face to face, or telephone or Skype sessions as best suits your needs. 

How can you make an appointment to see us?

We believe the best way for us to ensure we can meet your needs is by first of all having a confidential consultation with a member of our Life Therapies team. This will be an experienced counsellor who will ask you some questions and use the session to learn about the difficulties for which you are seeking help, and together decide how Life Therapies can help. Following this meeting, we will either offer you counselling and refer you to a suitable therapist here, as far as possible at a time convenient to you, or advise you of what is best suited to your needs.


How to book an initial consultation:

Contact us by phone on 020 8577 6059 or email and we will send you a brief form to complete.

1. Once we have received your completed form we will come back to you to book an initial consultation.

2. We aim for the consultation to take place within 2 weeks.

3. Initial consultation

We will invite you to come to our centre in a quiet location in Hanwell (Ealing), or we will arrange a phone/skype appointment, for a 60 minute consultation. We will ask you to arrive 15 minutes earlier to complete some forms, e.g. consent, background information

4. Start your therapy

After the consultation, we will offer you a follow up appointment with a therapist and contact you within 5 days to do this to ensure we match you with a therapist who is the best fit for your needs.

5. If we are not able to provide you with help ourselves, we will suggest alternative support.


Our charges: What does it cost?

Life Therapies is supported by a mixture of paid therapists and therapists in training, and are supported and supervised by in-house clinical supervisors. Our fees reflect the experience and expertise of our staff, and whether sessions are provided to you during normal office hours (Mondays-Fridays 9 am – 5 pm) or evenings and Saturdays.


Our fees

Individual therapy


9 am – 5 pm

Fee: £55 per individual session. 6 sessions paid upfront £300

£30 with a trainee and if earning under £20k. 6 sessions paid upfront fee £165

Monday – Friday evenings (5pm to 8 pm) and Saturday morning (9am – Noon)

Fee: £75 per session. 6 sessions paid upfront fee £410

We offer a Fee Plan of six sessions paid upfront at 10% discount; this is arranged at the outset of your counselling and is paid before commencing.


Group programmes

Group therapy (Weekly, 90 minutes) 

Fee: £90 per session

Number of participants: maximum 12

Structured Group Programmes (6 weeks)

Fee: £450 (payable in advance)

Number of participants: maximum 12



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Life Therapies is part Of EACH Counselling & Support, which is a charity and relies on client fees for its income.

Please note that you will be expected to pay for missed or cancelled sessions, except for sessions cancelled by your therapist.

We take payment by card or bank transfer.

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