Create Wellness: EACH's Abstinence Recovery Programme Starts in January 2018

6 week intensive support for people in recovery from drug or alcohol misuse

Create Wellness: EACH's Abstinence Recovery Programme Starts in January 2018

POSTED: 18th January 2018 09:52am

Programme Dates: Monday 29th January - Friday 9th March 2018


Group topics include:

  • CBT in Action - Examining the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Becoming aware of dysfunctional processes and learning new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving leading to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Relapse Prevention - A psycho-educational group that explores new, functional ways of behavior and challenges old patterns which reinforce addictive behaviors. Providing you with tools and steps to prevent relapse.
  • Communication and Relationships  - Exploring different types of relationships, including with own self and seeing how they can be enhanced with effective communication skills.  


Contact us now for information about programme fees. 


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