Life Stories: Nina

I'd been an addict for nearly 20 years, trying to cope with family problems. I ended up being ostracised by my family...

A true story of addiction and recovery.

"I came to EACH 18 months ago because my life was a complete mess.  I'd been an addict for nearly 20 years, trying to cope with family problems.  I ended up being ostracised by my family...and ended up trying to survive on the streets, where I was so badly assaulted I nearly died.

I'd had a child taken into care; when I fell pregnant a second time, I knew I had to change for myself and my child's sake. 

By coming to EACH my life has completed changed.  I was encouraged and supported to get onto the Create Wellness Recovery Programme.  I attended every day during the week for 12 weeks, going into groups and having one to one counselling that enabled me to understand why I used, deal with the trauma I was experiencing, and more importantly I learnt how to help myself to keep sober and stay clean.

Now I am in such a different place. 

I am giving back by volunteering in the community, and am supporting EACH as a peer volunteer giving hope to other women.  I'm also attending an employment and training coaching programme at EACH, so I'm learning new skills and making new friends. 

I have so much to look forward to, with my partner and my son.  I'm very optimistic, especially as I've now re-connected with my sister and am so much healthier than I was before."

For counselling and group support around drug and alcohol issues, please contact our Ealing Office on 020 8579 4529 or email

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*The name and image of the service user have been changed to protect her privacy. 

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